Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ding Dong & Ravers Clavers Live in Kingston JA (36 minutes)

Watch (and learn) Ding Dong and Ravers Clavers with most of their hit songs and dances! Length 36 minutes

"Everywhere Ding Dong and Ravers a go, place mash up enuh"
Live at Big Yard studios in Jamaica for BBC Radio 1Xtra

Friday, September 22, 2017

No Surrender - Best Dancehall Dance Video of 2017?

NO SURRENDER OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Production: Warrior Films Director: Dameon Gayle Producer: Kim Suree Location: Orange st, Kingston, Jamaica

The official music video for No Surrender was filmed on iconic Orange St in downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Orange St was once buzzing with Jamaica’s influential record shops and recording studios, such as Prince Buster’s infamous Record Shack, driving an outpouring of reggae, ska and rocksteady from the island.

Produced by Warrior Films and directed by Dameon Gayle, the video brings to life tough ragga vocals from reggae legends Sizzla, Capleton and Fantan Mojah, singing about life on the streets of Kingston over producer Monkey Marc’s classic heavy hip hop beat and driving bass lines. Starting with Capleton chanting down Babylon, Fantan Mojah welcomes the listener to ‘the streets of the tough life’, declaring ‘To survive in the streets, them ask how we do it? We tell them, No surrender, no retreat!” Sizzla voices a war-cry for the poor and oppressed in Jamaica, as he calls on both the young and old to stand up and 'make your life better’, encouraging his Jamaican community to stay positive, work hard and find a way out of poverty and sufferation.

The music video is a vibrant showcase of the Jamaican dancehall dance scene, featuring some of the most iconic Jamaican dancers and dynamic dancehall crews from across the island.

DANCERS (IG accounts) Kimiko Versatile @kimikoversatile Colo Colo @legendary_colocolo Boysie Roses @boysieroses Koolkid @koolkid_worldstar Supreme Blazers @killerbean_versatile @blazerfrassdanceflow @frisski_blazzaz @rubidoo_blazzaz @sparta_frass_blazzaz Xqlusiv @xqlusiv_dancecrew @zidan_xqlusiv @slimjay_xqlusiv @matic_xqlusiv @sq_xqlusiv @chucky_xqlusiv @hakeem_sky_xqlusiv @astii_xqlusiv_ Kriptic Klique @7ven_kriptic @kannankripticklique @chris_kriptic Shorty, Kissy and Kaytii @shorty_dancershine @kissy_mckoy @kaytii_insanity

Dancehall moves, creators and dancers of No Surrender

Friday, July 7, 2017

'Gallop and Wine' triggers dance craze

Dancehall artiste Talio is pleased with the overwhelming response in the streets to his latest song, 'Gallop and Wine', which has spawned its own dance craze.

However, he is urging party goers to "party responsibly" as a rash of incidents in recent months has left dancers experiencing concussions and healing broken bones.

"The song really ah tek off in the streets. Mi Instagram full of videos every day from all the dances from Kingston to Montego Bay. A cameraman known as Videoface sprained his hand after one of the girls dem jump pon him and a gallop with him. So I am just asking the fans to dance responsibly because this dance ah cause people to keep up all sort of madness in the dance," a laughing Talio said.

Recently, popular dancer, Marvin Di Beast, damaged his leg when he fell off a second storey building after a stunt, and in the past, there have been reports of a concussion during a 'sky daggering' incident out west.

Gallop and Wine was released on the High Digitz Recordz label. A music video for the project is in rotation on all local cable channels.

Talio's follow-up single, Gal Yu Hot, is on Rhythm 21 for Ireland Records and is also in rotation on mainstream Jamaican radio.

Talio, aka Major Slim, hails from Seaview Gardens where he is known for his witty wordplay. That led to him writing a few songs for the iconic Bounty Killer, also from Seaview Gardens.

He is pleasantly surprised that a dance song may be his first major hit.

"Jamaica is a place that loves new dance styles. Buju Banton had 'bogle' in the '90s. Elephant Man had 'signal the plane' and 'pon the river', which were both big hits in the US. So we Jamaicans like to have fun, so right now the girls dem a gallop and wine," he said.

He will be releasing a new compilation album from Marwan Records in the near future.


Friday, January 9, 2015

DANCEHALL DOCUMENTARY - Message Tr888 from Jamaica

Brand new documentary! Answering questions about what dancehall is, what are the differences between male and female moves, what inspires dancers to create new dance moves, how do they see other dancers around the world etc, this documentary lets the dancehall dancers tell their story. Nice work by Monika Cichocka, bigup yuself and every dancer! Dancehall good to we!

Chad GlobalBob Torrington
Sri Lanka Rifical
Andre Cosmic
Shelly-belly Real Page
Energy Frm Bermuda Squad
Blazer Frass
Orville Xpressionz Hall
Latonya Style
Shelly-ann Callum
Keemi-Elite Johnson
Chucky Xklusiv Dancer
Craig Black Eagle
Rappa Staar
Tevin NahlaughSkankaz
Famousdancer Up
Cojo Mob
Chinn Overload Skankaz
Dwayne Gabbidon
Kem-star Sollo
Vaughn Douglas & Fearless Skankaz

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Camron One-Shot 

Camron One-Shot is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Camron was born in Paris, France, and his parents are from Haiti. He started dancing when he was 5 years old and never stopped. Camron has been recognised for his style combining Jamaican Dancehall & Musicality.
Booking contact :

Very impressed with this choreography. I love how he interprets the music in movement, beautiful. Enjoy!

Dancers : Camron One-Shot, Lil GBB, Blaakow, Zagga zow Dancehall funk, Vendela Blackout Guapo

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


With dance moves like ‘Syvah’, ‘Shampoo’ and ‘Kreech’ being done at every event, it is obvious that there is now a dance craze in dancehall.

And this return may have been triggered by Ding Dong’s son, Kezari.

“Him say to me, Daddy, him love fi see when mi dance, and mi should dance more. When him seh dat, it strike a chord in me. Mi tek it up pon mi initiative and seh mi ago bring back dancing to the forefront,” Ding Dong told THE STAR.

Hell-bent on coming back with a massive dance move and accompanying song, Ding Dong said he linked Ricky Blaze, who produced Syvah.

With the dance move, songs and music video ready, Ding Dong said he started a campaign in the United States in November last year. He said he later continued the promotion in Jamaica by going to events and giving the song to selectors.

“Now, the dance evolve into something totally different, it take over everything in Jamaica. Me and Ravers (Clavers) in the street every single night. We just deh pon a campaign wid it from last year, and it just really getting the break,” he said.

Based on how well ‘Syvah’ has been doing, Ding Dong said he wanted to make sure dancing remained at the forefront of dancehall.

“When I did ‘Syvah’, I didn’t want people to feel like is just one dance, so I said I am going to flood the market with dancing,” he said.

Now, Ding Dong says he also has another move called ‘Shampoo’, while Kreecha has done one called ‘Kreech’, with Bling Dawg recording a song for it. He said there is also ‘Duh Di Right Tiing’, that was done by Mundo Ravers, and an accompanying song of the same name from Elephant Man.

“I want anywhere Bogle deh, him just a smile and seh, you doing a good job. The door is open right now. We (dancers) have the attention of everybody. So as a dancer, you want to create a move weh everybody can do and everybody can enjoy,” Ding Dong said, adding that the public can learn new moves by following his Instagram page, @dingdongravers.

Good feeling

But Ding Dong is not the only one bit by the dancing bug, as Elephant Man is also pleased with the return of dancing.

“It give me a good feeling to see everybody dancing. With the dancehall, the more people dance, the happier people are. Dancing is back, and the party is back, so December is going to be a good look,” he said.

And Chi Ching Ching is also doing a new move he created called ‘Way Up Stay Up’, for which he has also done a song on Chimney Records’ ‘Happy Hour’ rhythm.

“Dancing is very important to dancehall from day one. Words can’t express how I feel about dancing rising back. From dancing rise back, Bogle rise back,” he told THE STAR.

Voicemail’s Kevin Blair is also pleased with this new dance craze, and his group has also added to the mix with by doing songs like Step, Shampoo, Balance, and Way Up Deh, which are all names of dance moves.

“The craze is back. The ladies are out killing it, and the men are back at it. There are many new dance moves, and it makes the dancehall nice,” he said.

In a previous interview with THE STAR, Bling Dawg also declared that this will be a very happy Christmas season.

“To me, it is a dancing December. The war thing nah cut it now, people just need something fi tek dem mind off of stress. A happy time,” he said.





Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dancehall battles at Street Star dance festival May 2014

Dancehall was representing for the second time at the Street Star dance festival in Stockholm this weekend gone. Bigup and thanks to Hasan Ramic for filming and uploading all the rounds! I'm so impressed with the  dancers, it's unreal how high the level in Sweden is.. Nuff respec! I will not spoil it for you by telling who the winners were,  fuljoy!






Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Every now and then in the world of dancehall, there's a dance that becomes an instant hit. In my opinion it requires a good song, a dance move that is catchy and a good video. In the case of Syvah all of the elements above are fulfilled, topped with the personality and talent of Ding Dong himself. Add the phrase "Oh my dayyyz!" and the simple hashtag #SYVAH and there you have it. PULL UP! 

Official video for Ding Dong - Syvah

Latonya Style demonstrating the SYVAH Dance Move by Ding Dong (Ravers Clavers)

Syvah in the snow! YungLegendz in Boston

Voicemail & Ding Dong - Sivva

Ding Dong speaks with Dante Hillmedo about how Syvah came about and what it stands for. 12 minute interview

Sunday, September 22, 2013




Awesome videos, team work mek di dream work! Big up Andre Cosmic, Keemi, Giddy & Smood.. VERB IT!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Queens Of Everything - The Video 2013

QOE - Netta, Wilma, Annabella, Josie, Leena & Petra

Queens of ****** Everything is a dancehall dance crew hailing from Helsinki (Finland), specialising in "queen style". This is their first official video

More on QOE on their fb page:
Catch the queens performing at Reggae Explosion in Helsinki on September 21: 
More on dancehall in Finland:


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This week Dancehall Saturdaze in Helsinki (Finland) hosts a Tribute to Father Bogle, the greatest dancer in the dancehall. I was in Jamaica in January 2005 when he was murdered, and the following events are forever ingraved in my memory: the terrible news and the shock, the investigations, John Hype's house burning, Beenie Man's 1million reward offer, the epic "nine nights" at the Black Roses corner, the funeral, and the annual tribute shows. Although his death was tragic, he had already made a huge positive impact both locally and internationally. One of Bogle's mottos and advice to the young dancers around him was "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice". Mr Wacky is gone, but his dancing lives on.


Bogle (22 August 1964 – 20 January 2005), born Gerald Levy, and also known as Bogle Dancer, Mr. Bogle, Father Bogle, and Mr. Wacky, was a Jamaican dancehall star. His stage name was a reference to Jamaican National Hero Paul Bogle.

Bogle was called the "Dancehall Master" and was best known for his dancing. He had the ability to seemingly create dances without effort and his dances would become extremely popular. Creator of the Willie Bounce (named after Bogle's friend and Black Roses Crew member Willie Haggart), Wacky Dip, Urkle Dance, Sesame Street, Bogle Dance, Pelper, LOY, Jerry Springer, Zip It Up, Hotti Hotti Bogle, World Dance, Pop Yuh Collar, Row di Boat, Out and Bad, Sweeper, Stuckie, and many other popular dances. He was also in Belly.


In the 1990s, Levy created the Bogle Dance, the scene's first crossover dance move. He was also a major influence on breakout artists such as Elephant Man and Beenie Man, who gave shout-outs to Levy in songs like "Row Like a Boat": "Seh Mr. Bogle have di brand new style/Come get di style, come get di style."

On January 20, 2005, Levy and four others were in his car at a shopping-district gas station, when two men on a bicycle rode by, shooting into the vehicle. The passengers were rushed to Kingston Public Hospital, where the forty-year-old Levy was pronounced dead. The home of John Hype, Levy's creative rival over the previous year, was burned to the ground just hours later. In the wake of Bogle's murder, Beenie Man offered a $1 million reward for the capture of the killers.


Bogle lives on throughout the dancehall community as Jamaica's greatest dancer of all time. Many dancehall artists and dancers respect "Father Bogle" and give him shout-outs in songs. Popular DJ Bounty Killer credits Bogle for making him want to dance. In 2005, the trio Voice Mail had the hit single "Wacky Dip" on the Junkanoo Riddim. Elephant Man who previously recorded songs for Bogle's dances had the hit single "Willie Bounce" which is by far one of Bogle's most popular dances. Buju Banton also recorded a song called "Bogle Dance", which was inspired by Bogle. In R&B singer Rihanna's music video Rude Boy, she is seen doing "The Bogle".

See also:

Facebook event: DANCEHALL SATURDAZE - 90's SPECIAL on Saturday September 14 - Tribute to Father Bogle aka Mr Wacky - Jamaica's greatest dancer of all time

Friday, September 6, 2013

Meet upcoming dancer: Hanna Braveheart (EST)

Hanna Braveheart is a young talented dancer hailing from Estonia in eastern Europe, now living in Helsinki Finland. I'm very happy to be writing this post introducing her to the world, since today she has published her first official solo dance video.

I got to know Hanna in January 2013 when she was part of the group of dancers we were touring in Kingston Jamaica, introducing them to the roots of dancehall. I instantly liked her vibes and energy, both as a person and as a dancer. Returning from Jamaica she moved to Helsinki (Finland) where dancehall is more available than in the neighbouring Estonia. In June 2013 Hanna won the Dancehall Champion title at a dance contest in Helsinki, and in August 2013 she did her first solo performance at the Dancehall Saturdaze club, also located in Helsinki. 

Hanna Braveheart - Dancehall Champion 2013

Hanna Braveheart - Dancehall Saturdaze August 2013

So, for Hanna Braveheart this might be her first official video, but the way this girl loves and lives dancehall, it is only the beginning. Nuff love and respect my girl, you're a star!

Hanna Braveheart's choreo to Demarco - Skip Around 

Here's her own credits for the video on youtube: 

Hanna Braveheart is a young talented Estonian dancehall dancer, at the moment located in Helsinki, Finland!

Demarco - Skip Around
No copyright infringement intended! Video for entertainment purposes only!

BIGGUP all the dancers!!
There might be few mistakes in the dance list. If so, I am sorry in advance! If you notice any please let me know so I could correct! Thanks for understanding.
Steps in order:

All Ova (Camron One-Shot)
Movie Star
Road Block (Gabbidon)
Confidence (Stacia Fya)
Wettai (Elite Team)
Dweet Again (Orville Dance Xpressionz)
Cheer Fi Di Girls Dem (Rifical Team)
Stiff (Enough Crew)
Hello (Rifical Team)
Mistake (Kimron Dance Xpressionz)
Ova Come (Black Blingaz)
Praise (Melpo DoubleTrouble Mellz)
Let It Shine (Camron One-Shot)
Kick Away
Difficult (Ed Haadie Dancers)
Mash Up (Latonya Style)
Flip Di Script (Latonya Style)
Swedish Bounce (Enough Crew)
Classified (Latonya Style)
Smoothie (Dhk Lil'Gbb)
Nuff Respek (Latonya Style)
Ghetto Gal Wine (Dance Xpressionz)
KuuKuu (Kimiko Versatile, First Class Dancers)
All Season (French Squad Dancas)
Jiggy Boom (Young Ravers)
Step Weh Yuhself (French Squad Dancas)
Gass (Rodrigue Dibakoro)
Brutal (Camron One-Shot)

Bless up!!

Friday, August 30, 2013


Very impressed by this video, the words, the dancing, the view.. everything just works for me.
Blessup Schoy Stewart, all the best on your journey to greatness! -Riina Asamoa

"This one was shot in Half Way Tree, Kingston wasn't planned we just had the camera and decided to do a few scenes, all freestyle.
The concept of life to me is unbelievably amazing and i give thanks everyday. We are apart of that concept and energy because we are all alive, so in one way or another we are all connected and have Greatness inside, that is the reason why i promote expression of self and individuality because we all have something special inside, our gifts or talent waiting to burst out and help us to play our part in the universe...Here is another piece of the puzzle to fit in the road towards my #Greatness... hope you all enjoy"-Schoy Stewart